Minutes of the Executive Committee - 3 October 2011

03 Oct 2011 9:30 PM | Anonymous member

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Joyce Lynch. Additionally present were; Tim Brown, Vice President; Dawn Davies, Outreach Chair; Mark Lyon, Treasurer; Jim Spigelmire, Communications Chair; Lauren Rogers, Secretary; Vic Ellisor, Terry Phillips and Mike Krzywonski, Members at Large, Jack Estes, ALCOR; Steve Bosbach, IDA rep. A quorum was present.


Motion made to approve last EC meeting’s minutes made by Joyce Lynch, seconded by Mike Krzywonski.


Officer reports-

Treasurer: Bylaws for prorating dues are not supported by Wild Apricot.  Next time we vote on a change of bylaws, we should update them to match what Wild Apricot allows for payment/renewals through the website.  Through February, everyone pays $25 (regular membership), then starting in March it will decrease depending on the portion of the year remaining.  Joyce will discuss this with Jim Chandler.

VP: This month’s presentation is TBD.  Tim is also soliciting help for the Christmas party. 

Communications: Launching forums and photo capability on the website will begin this month.  We will archive the photos of the month, and Jim will look into archiving other information later this year.  With the Google nonprofit, mail routing is getting sorted out, and that will be done this week as well.

Equipment: The gate and observatory locks have been changed. The EC has determined that the hour-long training is not sufficient for qualifying operators of the telescopes.  Operator training will be expanded to include some apprenticeship time, etc.  Vic – sale of excess equipment – we have a few more photos to take for selling items.  We need to do some research into our options for a solar scope, either retrofitting one we have or purchasing a new one.  We can consider loaning out the solar scope once acquired with the stipulation that whoever has it must bring it to outreach events.  Motion made by Jim Spigelmire to make Vic the head of the solar scope committee, seconded by Dawn Davies.  Mark, Jim S., and Dawn will also be on the committee.

Member services: Scope loaner program – Mark Lyon is willing to head the scope loaner program committee. Mark will be in charge of coming up with the program rules, tracking equipment, etc.  Mike K and Jim S would both be willing to mentor new members wanting to learn how to use a scope. 

Outreach: Banner is on its way.  Plan is to get pricing on t-shirts/polos, tote bags, hats, bumper stickers and tattoos.

Old business- COE: Email has already gone out informing people that they need to check in at the resort when going on their own. Jim S. and Tim B. will work on drawing some things up contractually between AAS and COE/LCRA. Molly will be getting the internet problem solved this week.  COE would like to also work up a cloudy night program for guests.  COE is a pet friendly facility, but they are OK with telling their guests they are not to have dogs on the field.  Austin Planetarium: At last month’s GE meeting, we tabled the discussion of the planetarium donation to the November meeting.  We will need to vote on this motion.  Other options may be discussed as well.

Agenda for 10-14 meeting- Planetarium vote. Jack will present constellation certificate to Lauren Rogers, and if Dave Clark is present, he will present planetary nebula certificate to Jack Estes.

Next EC meeting 11/7/11.

Adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

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