Upcoming AAS Events

01 Aug 2014 6:00 PM • Mansfield Park Drive, Austin, TX near RR 620 and the dam
02 Aug 2014 7:00 PM • St. Stephen's Episcopal School, 6500 St. Stephen's Drive, 78746
08 Aug 2014 7:30 PM • UT Austin Campus ETC Building Rm 2.136
23 Aug 2014 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory
30 Aug 2014 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory

Taken at Prude Ranch, Texas Star Party, with a Celestron Celestron CGEM DX 1100 HD, Hyperstar and AT
Image of the Month - David Clune
M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy

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Austin Under the Stars

AUTS is our premier urban observing event,  co-Sponsored by St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and in partnership with the Austin Planetarium. AAS members will be out in force sharing the sights of the urban night sky with all comers. Learn about astronomy, the beauty of the night sky, and the tools you need to tour it's wonders.  The event starts at 7:30pm and lasts until midnight at St. Stephen's Episcopal School, 6500 St. Stephen's Drive off Loop 360.  For more information ...

 Austin Clear Sky Chart  Eagle Eye Observatory Clear Sky Chart

The Sky This Month
by Rob Pettengill

Deep sky observers should check out Brian Cuthbertson's updated Observing Targets 

August is a great month for DSOs if you head out of town at a site like Eagle Eye Observatory. Brian's observing targets include:

NGC 6441 rating EASY
Globular cluster in Scorpius

M26 rating MEDIUM
Open cluster in Scutum

NGC 6380 rating HARD
Globular cluster in Scorpius

There's lot's to see next month from urban skies as well.

Solar System Events  July
New Moon 26
First quarter Moon  3
Full Moon  10
Perseid Meteor Shower - a gibbous moon will be at your back, but the Perseid should put on it's usual spectacular show in the pre-dawn hours.  11-13
Last quarter Moon  17
Jupiter reappears in our early morning skies in spectacular fashion passing within 0.2 degrees of Venus both immediately to the left of the Beehive cluster. Best view should be around 6:20 AM CDT about 9 degrees above the horizon at 73 degrees bearing in the east.  18
Saturn will overtake Mars low in the southwest just after Sunset. This will be a great opportunity to say goodbye to both planets for 2014.  26

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